Sound of Football Podcast 423 - The Charity Cup

This week sees the start of three football competitions - the FA Cup, the Carabao Cup and the Nations League - at least two of which, depending on your priorities, seem like an unnecessary burden on an already congested 2020/21 fixture calendar. With international squads being drawn from a number of clubs over a number of borders, is there any justification for the Nations League to be played in the current environment?

At the other end of the game, Isthmian League fan-owned club Lewes FC have lobbied the FA to take the 45% of the FA Cup prize fund that goes to the semi-finalists and redistribute it amongst teams at the bottom of the football pyramid, that will be much harder hit by the pandemic. Can the FA Cup become a solidarity competition where big clubs can help out the little guys?

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England v Iceland is the stand out tie in a wealth of Nations League action, if only for the 2016 narrative. There's also a whole load of first round League Cup ties. Get our FREE weekly newsletter in your email by signing up to the Weekend Boxset today.

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