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Sound of Football Podcast 367 - Don't fence me in

The assault on Jack Grealish by a fan in the match between Aston Villa and Birmingham City dominates the discussion this week. With a 14 week prison sentence handed to the assailant, justice has been swiftly served, steering most of the conversation surrounding this incident towards how it was allowed to happen and what must be done to avoid it, or something even worse, happening again.

Despite a recent flurry of pitch invasions, ones that involve a physical assault like the one seen in this incident are thankfully still extremely rare. Could we ever entirely eliminate the risk of this happening again without reverting to the use of 1980s style cage fencing?

We also take the time to celebrate Jack Grealish's physical and mental fortitude that saw him not only stay on the pitch but to also score the winning goal.

You can listen to the podcast here or if you right click on that link, you can download the MP3.

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