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Sound of Football Podcast 363 - Qatar: Champions of Asia

Qatar are the new Asian Champions — is that enough to make them a credible football nation? Football writer Martin Lowe, an expert on Asian football, joins Graham to give an overview of the most varied and rapidly changing confederation in world football.

Plenty of subjects are covered this week Including Qatar and Japan's involvement in the upcoming the Copa America. We also ask if the AFC could benefit from its own version of the Nations League. Plus, how can Asian domestic leagues hope to compete with the allure of the big European leagues? And as it's Chinese New Year today, there's also a bit on the Chinese Super League.

Read more of Martin's thoughts on his blog martinlowepp.blogspot.com or on Twitter @plasticpitch.

Link: James Montague's New York Times article mentioned by Martin in the podcast.

For more information on the podcast and links related to the subjects discussed, check out the Show Notes on our blog.

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