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Sound of Football Podcast 355 - Financial unfair play

German magazine Der Speigel's recent analysis of documents and emails supplied by Football Leaks have exposed a litany of avoidance measures used by Manchester City owners, the Abu Dhabi royal family, to escape sanction under UEFA's Financial Fair Play rules.

Amnesty International have accused City Group of attempting to "sportswash" their country's image, tarnished by numerous human rights violations. Are City in danger of being dragged down with the reputation of their owners? And if they keep winning, will their fans even care? They might if their owners get bored or distracted and their club suffers the same fate as Blackburn Rovers after Jack Walker.

Should financial controls be tightened to stop Manchester City turning the Premier League into yet another European one-horse race division? Does UEFA even have the power or stomach to do so?

For more information on the podcast and links related to the subjects discussed, check out the Show Notes on our blog.

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