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Sound of Football Podcast 322 - A safe pair of hands

According to the number crunchers, if xG were actual Gs Manchester United would be languishing in 6th place — just one place above Crystal Palace. Is the difference between what should have happened and what did happen largely down to the performances of David de Gea in goal?

His numbers this season are phenomenal even for a player who has already set high standards. By many people's reckoning, his closest rival to the title of best goalkeeper in the Premier League is Thibaut Courtois but while they have conceded the same number of goals, the United man has faced almost twice as many shots on target.

Is a goalkeeper's ability to get a telling touch on a twenty yard screamer enough to judge his ability in the modern game? Graham, Terry and Jan discuss the men between the sticks and ask how their value to a side should be estimated.

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