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Sound of Football Podcast 307 - Beyond the dreams of avarice

Bayern Munich, the fourth richest club in the world, are in crisis. With this week's defeat at the hands of PSG (which cost Carlo Ancelotti his job) it seems that despite being the financial bully boys in their own league, they struggle to compete with the new mega-rich powers. It concerns those who run the club so much that they are making noises about a Europe-wide salary cap and maybe an end to 50+1 ownership rules that are the envy of fan groups in other countries.

With money pouring in from wealthy investors and media companies, the amount clubs get from match-going fans is a dwindling percentage of their total income (despite ticket prices going through the roof). With clubs like Celta Vigo being fined for not filling their stadium enough to look good on TV, are we approaching a stage where fans will be let in for free? And if they are, will they still not go?

Graham, Terry and Jan look at the murky world of finances for Europe's mega-rich clubs and ask where is there left to go when everyone is owned by a billionaire?

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