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Sound of Football Podcast 298 - A Messi world

Is Lionel Messi the greatest footballer of all time? His performance in last Sunday's EL Clasico 3-2 victory for Barcelona at the Bernabeu could well be the finest individual performance ever seen. His winning goal, scored with just a few seconds of injury time remaining, was also his 500th for Barcelona. His scoring record alone is remarkable but when coupled with the fact that he doesn't turn 30 until June, his career figures begin to look like the stuff of implausible fiction.

Ronaldo, two years older than Messi, has himself surpassed the 500 club goal mark. Between them they have taken first and second place in eight of the last nine Ballon D'Or. Statistically, it's hard to argue against them deserving such recognition but are they really that far ahead in a decade that has had more than its share of remarkable players? How will history remember them after they have retired and focus is shifted on to the new stars that will replace them?

On this week's podcast, Graham, Terry and Jan look back at the great players they remember, in a bid to see if "great" is being redefined in the modern era.

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