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Sound of Football Podcast 294 - National team fans v Non-league fans

As a pivotal international break draws to a close we find ourselves in reflective mood. By the time you've got to almost 300 podcasts, you might think there are few questions about football left to ask ourselves. However this week we stumbled upon a question that the only reason we've never asked it must surely be because we had been subconsciously avoiding it.

This week we pose this question: who are weirder, those who go to watch their national team or those who watch non-league football?

The attractions of both are fairly self-evident: international football offers the stars of the game, a big game atmosphere and maybe some pride in your heritage; Non-league offers a sensation of being almost amongst the action, along with some sense of belonging within a local community. Staunch fans of professional club football could point that their version of the game offers the best of both worlds with the only compromise being expense.

As non-league season ticket holders themselves, Graham, Terry and Jan may not be the most unbiased people to level this question towards, but they give a fair stab at it anyway. Warning: may contain uncomfortable personal insights.

For more information on the podcast and links related to the subjects discussed, check out the Show Notes on our blog.

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