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Sound of Football Podcast 244 - Walkouts and u-turns

Yesterday's announcement from Liverpool FC's owners, Fenway Sports, that they had decided to shelve plans for a ticket price hike following a mass walkout of fans, has rightly been greeted as a victory for fan power. Does this mark the beginning of a sea change in the relationships between fans and clubs?

On this week's podcast, Graham, Jan and the returning Terry discuss the options for fans especially at those clubs that have long lines of fans waiting to fill the seats of would be boycotters. Do clubs have a duty to put "traditional" fans ahead of half-and-half-scarf-wearing/selfie-taking football tourists?

The financial data used in the pod comes from a variety of sources, most notably the Swiss Ramble, which is always an excellent news resource for those with any interest in the fiscal side of football.

For more information on the podcast and links related to the subjects discussed, check out the Show Notes on our blog.

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