Monday, 7 November 2011

Sound Of Football Podcast 93 - Who will replace Sir Alex Ferguson?

Yes that's right, we at the Sound of Football Podcast have come to praise Caesar and to bury him. As Sir Alex Ferguson celebrates 25 years as manager of Manchester United, Chris, Terry and Graham discuss a suitable  replacement should the great man hang up his chewing gum to tend his horses.

You can listen to the podcast here or if you right click on that link, you can download the MP3.


Sofa Soccer said...

Damn you for ruining my O'Neill joke! ;)
Good stuff as money's on Big Ron. Retro all the way!

Chris O said...

Oh so it's YOUR Martin O'Neill joke now, is it?!!? :)

Sofa Soccer said...

Well...the one I had saved all day before I got to listen to the last 6 mins of the podcast ;)

Curse you all!!! And curse me for trotting out such cliched crap! ;)