Monday, 24 October 2011

Sound Of Football Podcast 92 - Living with EPPP

With the Elite Player Performance Plan a reality, the chaps gaze into their crystal ball and try to foresee what, if any, changes will be forced upon the English game as a consequence.

Is this really the end of the local lad playing for his team? How will clubs survive without the revenue generated from their youth structure? Why did the Football League vote for a system that, on the surface, seems like turkeys voting for Christmas?

You can expect to hear some strident opinions on this week's Sound of Football, the podcast that likes to keep its head while everyone else is eating theirs.

You can listen to the podcast here or if you right click on that link, you can download the MP3.


Jason said...

This was one of the better podcasts I've heard in some time. Great discussion on this controversial issue and a thumbs up for keeping with your pledges of positivity on the matter.

I am not incredibly happy with EPPP in its current form but you made me feel less bitter about it overall. Cheers.

Chris O said...

Thanks Jason and congratulations on writing such an excellent article on the subject. I used it as part of my research material and thought you summed everything up very competently.