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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Sound Of Football Podcast 315 - So VAR, so...

It's now almost eight months since Video Assistant Referees (VARs) were introduced into professional football in the A-League. Since then the system has been trialed in MLS, the Bundesliga and Serie A. With more than a hundred games now played in both of those European Leagues we should now have a good feel for how the new system works in the real world.

Regular listeners will know that this pod has always taken a position against the introduction of technology in football, has this season softened our stance? Following his trip to Berlin, Jan recounts his own experience of viewing VAR first-hand in a match situation. Seasoned VAR-skeptics Graham and Terry are on hand for more analysis of this contentious subject.

Data: We've collected data on how decisions have gone over the last few seasons to see if the leagues that have adopted VAR have shown any obvious changes compared to those that haven't | Download the datasheet (pdf)

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