Meanwhile, on a rival podcast...

What connects The Sound of Football, dubiously-flavoured crisps, Sarah Cracknell and Kelly Dalglish? Answer: The TwoFootedTackle podcast!

Yes, once again The Sound of Football's Terry, Graham and Chris were invited along to join Gary Andrews and Chris Nee for a chinwag and a jolly old time discussing football.

As ever, we had a fabulous time being a little bit silly and ever-so-slightly immature as a great deal of hilarity ensued over the course of an hour or so. To hear the end result of the five of us chatting about the beautiful game like a bunch of 8-year-olds, visit the TwoFootedTackle website where you can download the MP3 in question or for the complete TFT experience, follow the guys on Twitter at @twofootedtackle or visit their Facebook fanpage.

Our thanks to Chris and Gary for inviting us to take part in their latest podcast.

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