Extra podcast - Football Disaster Movie: An Onion Bag Christmas Podcast.

We are delighted to present to you Football Disaster Movie: An Onion Bag Christmas Podcast.

Burt "Two Phones" Anderson is a top transfer newshound for Sky Sports. On the night before Christmas he discovers that his only reliable source of insider information (the mysterious crackpot scientist Dr Julius Limbani) has dried up and is predicting the end of the World... of Football that is.

Determined to find out the truth, Burt seeks out Limbani and uncovers a terrifyling (and hopefully very funny) chain of events that could lead to catastrophe....

The podcast is written by the Sound Of Football's very own Terry Duffelen & Graham Sibley from the Onion Bag and features their own vocal "talents". The narrator is Chris Oakley our resident anchor from Some People Are On The Pitch. The podcast also features some very special guests.

The music and sound effects were obtained from the good people of Partners In Rhyme and PacDV Free Sound Effects.

The Sound Of Football Podcast will return on Monday.

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