Monday, 22 August 2011

Sound Of Football Podcast 83 - Soccer Magazines

Welcome back to another edition of the Sound Of Football podcast. This week the chaps discuss their favourite and not so favourite football magazines.

We ask what the future holds for the venerable World Soccer and compare to heavy weights Four Four Two. We also ponder the origins of When Saturday Comes and consider the merits of Supporter Owned Media, blogs and all that stuff.

There's also plenty of time for some nostalgia, particularly from Chris who celebrates his 40th birthday this week so many happy returns to him.

You can listen to the podcast here or if you right click on that link, you can download the MP3.

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Sofa Soccer said...

I seem to have the kiss of death where football magazines are concerned, having subscribed to several and seen them cease publishing within months...

Started off with Shoot when I spied the Mexico 86 review issue. From then I was hooked and bought it every week for years (and for years later, always bought the World Cup issues as they covered the games in depth (though missed the opening match of WC94 as they switched to covering it weekly rather than a big review supplement at the end). I also bought Match several times down the years and at times luxuriated in receiving both from the local newsagents. On those 2 mags, to me, Shoot was ITV (seemed more fun) and Match the Beeb (very formal and informative).

Needless to say, the whole lot went in the bin one foolish foolish day!

As the years rolled on I discovered the newly relaunched Goal magazine and loved it! (it was the ITV to Four Four Two's rather staid BBC). I loved it so much I subscribed. It folded. Also during this love affair I'd also had daliances with Total Football. Once Goal had left me, I threw my lot in with TF...shortly after WC98, it too went to the pulping machine in the sky.

So...Four Four Two it was...yes it was (at the time) a bit dull, but what choice was there? (well there was WSC but that was to come). There was also occasionally World Soccer, which complemented my love of Transword Sport, a late night sport prog which always seemed to have some decent football from far away shores. If FFT was the Beeb, WS was a Public Service dry, the pages cracked if you handled them with any enthusiasm.

So then came WSC, my current mag of's nice to have something to read whereby the article doesn't give the strange sense that Footballer X is rather overly keen to tell me about the latest version of FIFA on the PS3.

Oh and as for what became of Four Four also ceased to be...yes it still exists, but it's dead a whore that's turned one too many tricks for that final crack fix I can no longer look it in the eye. RIP FFT.

Oh and Match is just s*** these days too. C'mon Match, kids do still have attention spans!